• Fall Break - I can't believe we are about to go into fall break!!! Fall Break is Monday, October 5 - Friday, October 9.  
  • End of 9 Weeks - This Thursday, October 1 is the end of the 9 - weeks. Students will have this week to make to complete the necessary coursework to end the 9 weeks. I have been announcing to students if they were not happy with their progress grades, they need to make sure they are getting with their teachers and spending extra time at the school to ensure they end the 9 weeks successfully.  Students who are failing 1 or more courses are automatically placed on academic probation and must increase their attendance days.  We want to make sure students are on track and not failing so they will not have to repeat any courses.  Failing courses puts students further behind and will keep our early graduates from graduating early.   
  • Make Up days - Ms. MaryAnn will be reaching out to some students who have days and/or hours to make up.  Please remember if you are required to attend 3 days per week, but only attend 2 (and do not have a doctor's excuse), you are required to make up the day by the next week.  Again, Ms. MaryAnn will be reaching out to those students and parents. 
  • Cell Phones - This is a reminder that students should not have their cell phones out.  This policy was outlined in the expectation forms, which were signed off on by parents and students.  Students are to leave them in their car or out of site (purse, backpack). Remember, students are only here for 3 hours. We want them to be focused and productive while at their session. Some of our teachers will take up cell phones.  Continued misuse/infractions will result in disciplinary actions.  If a parent needs to reach out to a student, we have phones available in each classroom, as well as our front office. 
  •  College Application Day- This Thursday, October 1 (12:00 - 1:00).  Ms. West will be hosting a college application day on Thursday during lunch break from 12:00pm - 1:00pm.  She has sent an email with the details if you are interested in attending. 

Mission Statement

E. B. Wilson Virtual High School's mission is to provide a high quality, rigorous, and virtual-based education that provides the skills and knowledge to empower students to be college and career ready.