English                        4 credits

                                    (English I, II, III, IV)

Mathematics               4 credit

(Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, additional credit beyond Algebra II)

Science                       3 credits

(Biology I, Chemistry or Physics, additional laboratory science)

Social Studies            3 credits

                                    (U.S. History, World History or World Geography, Economics/ Government)

Wellness/PE               1.5 credits

Personal Finance       0.5 credits

Foreign Language     2 credits

(2 units of the same language)

Fine Arts                     1 credit

Program of Study       3 credits


TOTAL                      22 credits

Mission Statement

E. B. Wilson Virtual High School's mission is to provide a high quality, rigorous, and virtual-based education that provides the skills and knowledge to empower students to be college and career ready.