E. B. Wilson High School

We are excited about the upcoming 2021-2022 school year.  EB Wilson will be offering a complete virtual online program.  Beginning this upcoming school year, we will offer 2 awesome programs to meet the needs of Sumner County Students: Our current Hybrid model program and now a new Fully online/virtual program.  In order to be academically successful in both programs, students must be self-motivated and disciplined, as well as meet some other criteria mentioned below.  

Hybrid Program: This is our current program, which allows students to experience the best of both worlds: in-person instruction by certified teacher, with more flexible hours, and virtual/online instruction. 

Students and a parent/guardian must interview to be accepted/enrolled into the program.  While there is no academic requirement, the interview panel will review the student's grades, attendance, and discipline record.  Students must have reliable transportation and have internet access at their homes.  When students are first enrolled, they are required to attend a 3-hour session, 4 days per week (Monday - Thursday), for the first 4 weeks.  After this probationary period, if students are in good academic standing, they will be allowed to decrease their attendance to 2 days per week. 

Please click the link below for more detailed information regarding the student expectations. You can also contact our school office at (615) 451-5417

Link: Hybrid Student Expectations

Fully Online/Virtual Program: 


Our new Virtual Program is modeled after the collegiate example.  Instruction will typically be asynchronous, which is learning that does not take place with students and teachers interacting at the same time.  Most of the learning will occur through our online program, Edgenuity, and in the students' Google Classroom. 

Ms. Pamela Harrison is the Coordinator and will manage this program. If you are interested in participating in this all Virtual program, you must first complete the EB Wilson Virtual School Application for Admission located under the enrollment tab above. 

Students in this program will need:

(1) A computer with reliable internet,

(2) Someone at home who will check daily progress,

(3) To report to EB Wilson building on Fridays for Unit tests and any End-of-Course state testing,

(4) Complete Module 1 and Module 6 prior to registration night, and turn in the certificates of completion during registration, and

(5)Attend registration on either July 26 OR July 27 from 4:00pm - 7:00pm. 

Information and Support

Find additional Infomation and support here.

If you have any questions regarding this program, please contact Ms. Harrison at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact our school office at (615) 451-5417