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Is Virtual Right For Your Student

Sumner County Schools strives to provide the best possible education while meeting the individual needs of each student. Before enrolling in full-time virtual instruction, students and guardians should carefully consider whether online learning is best for the learner’s needs. Virtual instruction is modeled after the collegiate example. Instruction will, typically, be asynchronous rather than face-to-face with a teacher. Students will have the support of highly-qualified, certified teachers to direct instruction and provide tutoring.

To aid in determining whether virtual is a good fit for your student, please examine the following expectations.

  • The student strives for academic excellence.
  • The student asks for additional help, support, or assistance when needed.
  • The student has good communication skills.
  • The student is self-motivated and self-disciplined.
  • The student reads carefully and accurately follows directions.
  • The student has academic integrity in completing work independently.
  • The student masters time management, prioritizes, and remains on task.
  • The student dedicates the necessary time to master the material.
  • The student takes responsibility for his/her actions.

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