E. B. Wilson High School

For the 2022-23 school year, EB Wilson Virtual High School will return to its hybrid program only. If you feel that your child has a medical hardship that necessitates learning in an all- virtual educational environment, you can request a "hardship" approval.  This form will be uploaded to our school website by July 1. All hardship requests will be reviewed by the School Administration and a District Review Team to determine approval or denial.  

If you are interested in the traditional Hybrid Program​, please contact our office at (615) 451-5417 to schedule an interview. The School Principal and Counselor will be conducting interviews the week of July 18 and July 25. 

Our Hybrid Program is an excellent program that offers flexible class sessions and allows students to receive direct and individualized instruction from certified teachers.  Many students thrive in this environment because of the direct teacher instruction, which helps students to better master the standards and skills needed to be academically successful.  
Click this link for additional information about our Hybrid Program.