THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 19, 2020 @ 5:30PM


Are you interested in attending EB Wilson Virtual High School for the Spring 2021 semester? If so, please see the attached detail flyer about EB Wilson Virtual's Information Meeting.  You can meet the EB Wilson staff and take a tour of the school.  You must register to attend the meeting:


Please contact our office if you have additional questions: (615) 451-5415. 





Welcome to EB Wilson Virtual High School! Here at EB Wilson, we are not a "one size fits all" program. Our students come from a wide range of experiences and we are happy to create a personalized learning environment to meet the needs of all. Students choose to attend EB Wilson for a variety of reasons: to graduate early, because they may be experiencing depression or anxiety, to have a smaller classroom setting, and for various other reasons. Regardless of each student’s situation, EB Wilson's goal is that all students successfully graduate on time and receive quality instruction to assist them in becoming college and career ready!

 At EB Wilson, we specialize in ensuring our students feel connected to our school and pride ourselves in building strong interpersonal relationships with our student learners. This year, we will continue to increase our enrollment and strive to become the best Virtual High School in the State of Tennessee. If you are interested in becoming a student at our school, please contact the school at (615) 451-5417.

We welcome you to EB Wilson Virtual High School! And remember …“We are PHOENIX”


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Mission Statement

E. B. Wilson Virtual High School's mission is to provide a high quality, rigorous, and virtual-based education that provides the skills and knowledge to empower students to be college and career ready.