Admission Process for Full-Time Students:


1. Student or Parent should call EB Wilson Virtual High School at (615) 451-5417 and schedule an interview.  

2. Student AND Parent must interview with the EB Wilson Administrative staff.  The Student's transcript and attendance will be reviewed. Student will be notified by the Principal if the student is accepted to EB Wilson.

3. Once accepted by E.B. Wilson Virtual School; the student will need to withdraw from their school of zone.

4. There is a $125.00 per semester Tuition fee.  Note: If a student qualifies for Free/Reduced Lunch, the tuition fee may be waived. Parents/Guardians will need to complete this form in order to have the tuition fee waived.  

Note:  Newly enrolled Full-Time Students are required to attend 1 Class Sessions, days per week for 4 weeks. The Class Session are as follows: 9:00am - 12:00pm1:00pm - 4:00pm, and 2:30pm - 5:30pm.

After the 4 weeks, if the student is in good academic standing and has attended the required sessions; he or she will be able to work virtually from home.  However, all students are sitll required to attend 2 class sessions each week (Administration Decision). Seniors that are considered at risk to graduate will be required to continue to attend a 3 hour session, 4 days per week, until all courses are completed.  

Follow this link to view our class schedule:  2018-2019 Rotation Schedule

Mission Statement

E. B. Wilson Virtual High School's mission is to provide a high quality, rigorous, and virtual-based education that provides the skills and knowledge to empower students to be college and career ready.